New to using Atlas? Great! This guide will be your best friend!

What is Atlas?

Atlas is a sleek, modern Discord bot with capabilities such as powerful server moderation, crystal-clear music, extremely extensive and advanced custom commands, an easy-to-use ticketing system, a customizable leveling system, and much more!
Sound good so far? Excellent! Let’s invite Atlas to your server so you can start reaping the benefits.

Invite Atlas

To use Atlas, first you have to invite it to your server. You can do so by clicking here, but do keep in mind: you must have at least Manage Server permissions to invite Atlas to a server. Select your server from the drop-down menu, then click Authorize. Discord may think you are a spoopy robot so complete the captcha if it prompts you to. It will redirect you to a confirmation screen if it was successful. Hooray! Atlas will now show up as a member in your server, meaning it’s been successfully invited.

Controlling Atlas

Running Commands

Atlas can be controlled by using chat commands executed directly from Discord. By default, you can trigger Atlas by typing a! followed by an adjacent command. Let's try that now. First, make sure Atlas has permissions to view and send messages in the channel you're working in. Next, type a!help in Discord and press send. Huzzah! Atlas will obediently listen to your request and show you a complete list of executable commands. The power of Atlas is yours to command!

Accessing the Web Dashboard

Not all aspects of Atlas - such as configuring actions or reaction roles - can be controlled by chat commands. This is why we have an intuitive, web-based dashboard. To access the dashboard for your server, click here and manually login, or simply type a!dashboard in your Discord server.
Last modified 6mo ago