Basic Action
Actions are pretty awesome! They allow you to create pretty much whatever you would want. Let's try creating a basic action that will get the channel’s topic with an optional argument to specify which channel.

Creating an Action

Navigate to your dashboard and select the guild you want the action to be in. Click on the Actions plugin and press the + icon to create a new action.

Configuring Your Action

When a new action is created, the default Trigger Type is a command action. That's what we'll be using for this tutorial, so keep that as is.
Next up is the Trigger Content. Change this value to whatever you want your command to be named. For this tutorial, we'll name it topic.
Next, let's scroll down until you see a box called Action One. We will input our code in the Trigger Content field of this box.
From reading the documentation, we know that we will need to use the {channel.topic} tag. We can also see that this tag has an optional <channel> argument. We will use the {args} tag to populate the <channel> argument based on user input.
Now for the fun part - coding it and watching it work! Paste the code: {channel.topic;{args}} into the Trigger Content field and press Save Changes. Your action is now ready to use! Head over to your Discord server and type a!topic in chat. If the channel you sent the command in has an existing topic, Atlas will tell you what it is! Now let's get the topic for a different channel. Type a!topic <channel name>. Bazinga! Atlas will grab the topic of the channel you just specified.
Last modified 6mo ago