Quick Start
Actions are pretty awesome. They allow you to run events on a timed loop, create a custom command, or setup keyword triggers relatively easily. Each action has a trigger. Triggers can be things like adding a certain emoji to a message or running a command. Heres a list of trigger types and what they do.

Trigger Types


Triggers when someone has a message with a prefix and label matching the server's prefix and action content. For example a!command.


Triggers when a message is created containing the contents of the keyword.


Triggers at a configurable time interval. Whoever last updated the action will be the user in context. All command tags and their commands will run on behalf of this user.

Message Reaction Add

Triggers when a user reacts to a message.

Message Reaction Remove

Triggers when a user removes a reaction to a message.

Message Create

Triggers when a message is created. Only can be triggered once every 10 seconds.

Member Join

Triggers when a member joins your server.

Member Leave

Triggers when a member leaves your server.

Member Role Add

Triggers when a member is given a role in your server.

Member Role Remove

Triggers when a member has a role taken away in your server.


Most triggers support role and channel restrictions. These allow you to prevent users with a role or in a channel from using your action or whitelist your action so only a group or channel can use your action.


Sub-actions are what the action does when it's triggered. The content of each sub-action will be evaluated and supports the full suite of tags. Up to 3 sub-actions are supported per action.
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