Plugins are what makes Atlas so hot and spicy! This is a brief introduction to each plugin currently available. Here, you’ll learn what they do and how you can use them.


The actions plugin is the pièce de résistance of Atlas; think custom commands… on Russian steroids. With over 100 specialized tags, the only limit to creating your very own action is your imagination! Just check out what other people have made with actions!
Ready to try it out? Check out a guide for creating your own basic action. If you aren’t very code-savvy, don’t worry! We have the solution! Just visit our support server and let our experienced team assist you.


Isn’t this kind of self-explanatory? The fun plugin houses a whole slew of exciting and entertaining commands. Need to flip a coin on a college student’s budget? Lucky for you, we’ve got a coin flip command. Want some facts about cats? We’ve got those too. Ask the 8-ball a burning question, generate some dank memes, get some classic dad-jokes to fill that void in your life, and much more.


All hail! The gatekeeper is in charge of all users who dare enter your realm. Enable fully customizable join messages or leave messages that support tags.


Your very own meme generator! Who hasn’t ever wanted that?! Impress all your friends by creating high-quality memes on the spot, no watermarks included!


General help centre, responsible for commands like a!help - the general help command that can provide additional information and usage for any command Atlas has - and a!ping - the command used to check if Atlas is online and the millisecond delay between Atlas and your server.


The levels plugin allows you to create a balanced tier reward system for the most active members of your server. Create level rewards for achieving specified levels, customize level-up messages, and view your server’s very own leaderboard.


Whip those pesky troublemakers into shape with the raw might of the moderation plugin! Set customized chat filters for things like links, cursing, mass-mentions, and more. We also have a helpful action log that keeps an eye on everything that you can’t. Easy-to-use commands simplify the moderation process; ban, kick, mute, and warn with ease!


Ever wanted to listen to your favourite music while chatting with friends? Well, this plugin is for you. From playing any song of your choice to rick-rolling your friends, the music plugin has it all. Psst, wanna play a song from your spotify playlist? Good news, If you're a Patreon supporter, Atlas can do that too!


Anything roles related is located here. Easily assign Join Roles, Reaction Roles, and I Am Roles. Manage your server's roles and get more information about them straight from any text channel.


Open up a public feedback system to your users by enabling user created suggestions. Complete with optional staff-member verification, customizable vote emojis, and customizable message formatting.
Get it now by becoming a Premium user.


Allow members to easily create private channels to have one-on-one conversations with your server's staff team.


The most useful commands of all usefulness. Create sexy embeds to your heart's desire; search terms on Google; get information about your favourite games, shows, minecraft servers, and movies; strip spoilers from any message; or learn all about what SpaceX is up to and more!
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