Creating Command Aliases
Sometimes commands can be a little long and confusing, so to make it easier for your members to - for example - open a new ticket, we'll be creating command aliases using Atlas' actions module.

Getting Started

For this tutorial we'll be creating a custom alias for the a!ticket new command using what you've learned from the Basic Action Tutorial.
To get started, we need to think of a simple command name we're going to use for the alias. Since we're making an alias for a!ticket new, we're going to set our Trigger Content to tnew and use the Command Trigger Type. To execute commands in an action, the command has to be wrapped in curly brackets, so if we wanted to use a!say Hello there! in an action, it would look like this: {a!say;Hello there!}.
Since a!ticket new has the option to provide a description for a ticket, we're going to have to use the {args} tag.




a!tnew <reason>


Like we learned earlier, for a command to be executed in an action, it would have to be wrapped in curly brackets, like so: {a!ticket}. In actions, we replace spaces with semi-colons so, a!ticket new would look like this in an action: {a!ticket;new}.
Normal users can only create a maximum of 25 actions. Use them sparingly!
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