Using Reaction Roles
Another feature of Atlas that you might find yourself needing is customizable reaction roles. This is probably the easiest way to assign roles on your guild; just click a button and POW! Instant roles!

Setting it Up

Reaction roles are configured via the dashboard. Once there, navigate to the Roles plugin. Under the Reaction Roles subcategory, click the + to create a new reaction role. Next, select the role you want to use when someone clicks on the reaction. Then, select the channel the reaction role will be used in. Lastly, select which emoji you would like the reaction role to use.
An optional Message ID field is defined as well. If you want the reaction role to be attached with an existing message in a channel, copy that message's ID and paste it in this field. Click Save Changes and Atlas will automagically react to the corresponding message. Now whenever somebody adds a reaction, they will receive the role you defined.
If you want multiple reaction roles on a single message, just create a new reaction role, follow the steps above, and paste the same message ID into the Message ID field.
Atlas will only react to a message up to 8 times. If you have more than 8 reaction roles on a single message, you will have to react to them manually.
Last modified 6mo ago
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