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Slash Command

It may take a couple minutes for changes to this trigger to show in Discord. Changing the trigger involves syncing those changes with Discord, which can take time. {.is-info}


  • {user}: The user who invoked the command.
  • {channel}: The channel where the command was invoked.
  • {option}: The arguments that were passed to the command by the user.

Fires when someone runs the slash command /<trigger value>. It can be used to make your own custom commands, for example the default trigger will register a /my_command command that you can run to invoke your action.

You can also configure options that the slash command can have, which will be passed to your action through the {option} tag. If you have an option named target_user that is a "User" option type, you can do {option;target_user} to get the target user's ID, which can then be used in other tags, for example {user.username;{option;target_user}} to get the target user's username.