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Maximum number of Keyword actions: 2 basic, 10 prime. Minimum cooldown: 30 seconds (basic), 10 seconds (prime).


  • {channel}: The channel where the command was invoked.
  • {message}: The message that invoked the command.
  • {user}: The user who invoked the command.

Fires when a message received by the bot contains a given phrase or matches a RegEx pattern. Unlike slash commands, this trigger will only work in channels where the bot has View Channel permissions. Wildcards are supported. hello*world will be expanded to match *hello*world*, to avoid this you can use regex with ^ and $, such as /^hello.*world$/ which will match messages matching "hello*world" exactly, and not something like hello world :).

Some examples of valid patterns are:

  • world will match messages containing "world", such as "something here world", "bigworld", "the world is big", etc.
  • hello*world will match messages containing "hello" and "world", even if there are other words between the two, such as "Hello World!", "Hello There World", "Something Hello World".
  • / is a regex pattern that will match messages such as "Hello World!", "Hello There World" but or even "unrelaetd helloxworld".
  • /^Hello World$/ is a regex pattern that will match messages exactly matching "Hello World" and nothing else. ^ and $ are regular expression assertions that match the beginning and ending or the input, respectively, which means the message must start and end with "Hello World".