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Returns a string with a channel mention.


Returns the ID of a channel.


Returns an integer for the channel type.


Returns a timestamp for the creation date of a channel that can be used with {time}.


Checks if a channel is marked as NSFW.


Returns the name of a channel.


Returns the ID of the last message sent in a channel.


Returns a channel topic, also known as channel description.


Get the parent ID of the channel. For regular channels this is the category ID. For threads this is the ID of the parent channel.

{channel.parentId} // "", a channel with no parent
{channel.parentId} // "532902705404837888", a regular channel with a parent
{channel.parentId} // "532902728834351115", a thread channel with a parent


Updates a channel.


  • name: The new name of the channel.
  • topic: The new topic of the channel.
  • nsfw: Whether the channel is NSFW or not.

{channel.create name type topic nsfw parent return_id;channel}

Creates a new channel.


  • name: The name of the channel.
  • type: The type of the channel. guildtext, guild_text, GUILD_TEXT, and GuildText are all valid and will all resolve to a guild text channel. IDs are also supported but the name is preferred.
  • topic: The topic of the channel.
  • nsfw: Whether the channel is NSFW or not.
  • parent: The parent channel, if any.
  • return_id: Whether to return the created channels ID or not.


This tag can do serious damage if you are not extremely careful with validating inputs. {.is-warning}

Deletes a channel.