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Command Tags

There are future plans to deprecate command tags and instead have each command register its own tag. {.is-warning}

Command tags let you harness the power of built-in commands through tags. Every command as a corresponding command tag.

How it works

{/say;My Message;off-topic}

This will run the /say command with the message option set to My Message and the channel option set to off-topic. The order of parameters is the same as they show up when typing /say. Because all parameters are also named options, another way to do the same as above would be

{/say message="My Message" channel=off-topic}

Voiding output

If you want to wrap commands, sometimes its useful for them to not return an output. You can pass the silent option to the command for it to skip configuring the responder in context.

{/say silent;message;channel} will prevent the confirmation message from being sent.